The imageRUNNER ADVANCE Experience

The imageRUNNER ADVANCE portfolio is an intelligent business platform built to complement every stage of the document life cycle. From creation to sharing, output to archival, these devices are designed to help you increase productivity and efficiency, meet security and environmental needs, control costs, and optimize your return on investment.

The imageRUNNER ADVANCE Platform can be customized to help meet the specific requirements of your business. It can integrate seamlessly with Canon solutions and third-party software to provide powerful output management, document capture, information management, and automated workflow solutions that help streamline daily business processes.

User Interface

It Begins with the User Interface.


A familiar face. Every imageRUNNER ADVANCE device includes a large, brightly-lit, intuitive user interface that features a responsive colour touch- screen with smart phone-like usability; helping to make carrying out tasks easy and simple.

Exceptional Personality.


My ADVANCE offers a personalized user experience at the device that helps to optimize unique workflows for each individual user. Made possible when user authentication is enabled, this feature provides the ability to customize displays, settings, and functions for individual users’ preferences and workflows.

Note: Certain My ADVANCE features are only available on select imageRUNNER ADVANCE models.

Fully Customizable Main Menu and Quick Menu.

The imageRUNNER ADVANCE Platform offers two different menu options: Main Menu where all features and functions are available and a Quick Menu where the most common functions can be accessed. The Quick Menu allows users for instant access to frequently performed jobs and allows them to create personal workflows that can make even complex office tasks achievable with the touch of button.

Reservation Printing


Third Generation imageRUNNER ADVANCE devices include the option to force users to release their print jobs from the print queue, at the respective device. This powerful print security feature allows organizations to avoid leaving printed materials behind, prevent accidental information leakage, and reduce misprinting. Users will benefit from having the option to modify jobs that have been sent to the Print queue (instead of reprinting).

Flexible Document Storage with Mail Boxes & Advance Box


Mail Boxes provide the ability to store rasterized documents and is best suited for reprint purposes. Documents are saved in a dedicated Canon format – keeping print settings saved for quick, on-demand simple print execution, and incorporating into other documents also stored in your Mail Box. Advance Box is a dynamic document storage function that promotes information sharing, management and integration by using the device’s hard disk drive (HDD) as a shared network drive. It is not only easy, but also flexible, and the best part, it doesn’t hamper your network by overloading the email server.

Finishing Touches

With internal and external finishing options available, each imageRUNNER ADVANCE has the ability to streamline, and further simplify document creation.


Decrease consumables usage and make it easier for users to separate their originals with our Staple-free Stapling option. While up to 5 sheets can be bound with 17 lb. Bond paper, the more common 20 lb. Bond paper can bind up to 4 sheets using this method – selected either from the print driver or the copy screen finishing options menu.

Staple On Demand provides a convenience stapler as part of the finisher. This is helpful for re-stapling sets of originals that were unbound in order to feed through the document feeder. It is also handy for when the user forgets to choose the staple option from the print driver or copy screen.

Copying and Scanning

Copying and Scanning Made Simple.


Copying or scanning documents through the imageRUNNER ADVANCE automatic document feeders has never been so easy.

  • Automatic colour detection comes standard.
  • Third Generation imageRUNNER ADVANCE  devices include a reminder notification for originals left on the platen glass.
  • Select models include a reminder LED light on the document output tray that flashes after documents are fed through, to remind the user to retrieve their originals.

Efficient Scanning.

The imageRUNNER ADVANCE Platform includes a number of powerful scanning features to help improve productivity and efficiency in the office including: PDF High Compression, Searchable PDF (OCR), and Scan to Office Open XML (output formats vary by Series), just to name a few. Third Generation imageRUNNER ADVANCE devices include powerful scanning options to further assist in increasing productivity:

  • Multi-Sheet Feed Detection: Stops the scan operation and notifies the user if two or more sheets are sent through the feeder at the same time in error.
  • Skip Blank Pages: Automatically detects blank pages when scanning originals and removes them from the  generated file when utilizing Send, or Store to Advanced Box.
  • Original Content Orientation: Users can select the correct orientation of a document before scanning from the platen glass, so that it displays correctly.

Flexible Connectivity


Utilizing smartphone or tablet technology is easily achievable with the imageRUNNER ADVANCE multifunction copiers. With a variety of mobile solutions, organizations can be more efficient and productive with the “on-the-go” flexibility of printing and scanning to mobile devices.

You’re Not Alone


All imageRUNNER ADVANCE devices are equipped with a conveniently located Tutorial Button that is accessible to all the users. With advanced graphical design and a simple approach, it provides guidance on various features of the device and assists users when creating workflows, to make their day more efficient and productive.

Select imageRUNNER ADVANCE models also feature live-action video demonstrations of how to replace consumables like toner and staple cartridges as well as how to clean the platen glass. Animations provide step-by-step simple instructions on clearing paper jams and closing the cover, using enhanced full-motion animation, to help the user see where to complete the necessary task.

Environment In Mind


The imageRUNNER ADVANCE Platform is designed for high energy efficiency and stellar performance. The combination of fusing technologies and low-melting-point toner, helps contribute to lower overall energy consumption by minimizing power requirements and reducing energy use during warm-up and while in stand-by model.

Third Generation imageRUNNER ADVANCE models are equipped with an innovative motion sensor that detects user intentions, improving sleep mode recovery and preserving energy even further. Remote Shutdown/Weekly Timer allow Administrators to schedule device shutdown when there are periods when they are not in use.